Alzheimer Cafè Umeå

public intervention, Operaplan, Umea, Sweden

(8-channel sound installation, 60mins, looped  & light led installation )



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Alzheimer Café (2014- ) is a series of performances, sound installations and public interventions dedicated to ‘musical memories’, those that incredibly resist to the neurological degeneration caused by the disease, and that have been inspiring the entire cycle.

All the works from the series Alzheimer Café include musical fragments sung or hummed by people affected by neurological disorders of memory. For four years, Vetturi has been working in collaboration with health and medical centres, their staff, and their patients.


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In Alzheimer Café Umeå the voices of the patients inhabit the public space that faces Norrlandsoperan. The sound’s movement activates the eight benches that are located in the square, in the center of the city. An 8-channel sound installation delivers sound fragments that, both individually and collectively, light up the space and its surroundings. The sound changes, moves and, depending on where the audience is placed, varies in intensity.


video documentation excerpt


Valentina Vetturi_Alzheimer Café Umea_sound installation_2018_20 +


Alzheimer Café Umeå (2018) premiered in Umeå as part of Room for Performance.

Curated by Valentina Sansone with Helena Wikstrom (Vita Kuben/Norrlandsoperan).

Produced by Bildmuseet and Norrlandsoperan, Umeå; Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm; Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), Stockholm.

Sponsored by Iaspis

Video documentation: Rasmus West
Sound engineer: Andreas Estensen

Thank you to: all the people who have lent their voice to this work, Ersta Stockholm, Aktrisens demensboende Umeå.