The Playground

guided improvisation: eleven teenagers, a nursery rhyme, a sail


mixed media installation: audio piece, lenght 6:27 min. loop, a sail folded up





A white heavy sail is anchored horizontally on the ground with bolts. A group of adolescent play and sing a nursery rhyme improvising variations on the melody.

The Playground was produced for the LUM Prize, Teatro Margherita, Bari, curated by Stefano Chiodi, Caroline Corbetta e Giusy Caroppo.
“The work has as a poetic motive the resurfacing of memory, but at the same time it is linked to one of the unsolved socio-political crux of the city and to the general climax of the year 1991, connecting in this way the private and the collective sphere, past and present”.


Excerpt from the audio piece