Crypto.Party stems from a series of questions that characterize the artist’s most recent research: “Who are hackers? What is digital identity? What are cryptocurrencies? What are the possible links between these words? How to find out? can you direct us towards a more conscious use of the web? “

The artist thus conducted a workshop with the students of the Licei di Gallarate (Milano), allowing them to familiarize themselves with decentralized concepts and practices. The group experimented with how to reach consensus horizontally and the conditions of social negotiation in the digital space, where physical and digital identity overlap problematically. The experience took shape in developing a series of virtual encounters on the Hubs Mozilla 3d digital platform and gave life to a series of digital essays available on Instagram. The profile is accessible through a QR code on display.

Produced by: MA*GA Museum Gallarate (MI)
In the frame of: Academy Young

Crypto.Party intervista a Valentina Vetturi di Alessandro Castiglioni (ITA)