Seven professional orchestra conductors are called to direct the same score, a piece by Maurice Ravel composed in 1905 for seven instruments: Introduction et allegro. Pour harpe, flûte, clarinette et quatuor. The gestures are as rapid and precise as those generally addressed to an orchestra; however, the musicians are not present. Every director will interpret the same score, performing the piece for her invisible ensemble. The performance is open and continuous; the piece lasts eleven minutes circa. Every director repeat it for several of hours with a pause of one minute that separates his/her own end by the new beginning. The public has free access to the performance.

The performance is part of a cycle of works dedicated to the figure of the conductor, whose other stages are: Orchestra. Studio #1 (Macro, Rome); Orchestra. Studio #3 ( Teatro Comunale Bologna, 2020).

Orchestra. Studio #2, was presented in Geneva for Walking on the public site, curated by Perf (Madeleine Amsler e Marie Eve Knoerle ) on the 03.09.16, start 4.30 pm until the sunset.
Orchestra conductors: Kanako Abe, Irene Gómez-Calado, Cristina Corrieri, Christophe Eliot, Nicolas Krauze, Armando Merino, Thomas Posth.
Photo: Emmanuelle Bayar