In the Corridor of Cyberspace opens the cycle of works dedicated to the hacker culture, the web’s socio-political logic and the new technologies that emerge from it. Since 2015 Vetturi has been meeting programmers, activists, thinkers, discussing with them and reading what they suggest. In the Corridor of Cyberspace is a subjective journey through one of the meaningful places of debate and encounter of this world: The Cypherpunk mailing list (1992 /2000 ca.). One of the first mailing lists, where scientists, activists, and libertarians (Jude Milhon, Tim May and Eric Hughes, Julian Assange, Philip Zimmerman) used to discuss privacy, cryptography, anonymity and digital money. Through political, technical, philosophical and mathematical discussions, crypto anarchy culture emerged. The texts composing this publication have been chosen randomly by a generative programme that has identified the strings of e-mail  where the words “better”, “chance”, “to gain”, “enough” and “entropy” appears.

In the Corridor of Cyberspace was first presented in the frame of the exhibition Anarchie! Fakten und Fiktionen at Strauhof, Zurich, in 2016. During the exhibition, the artist invited two guests to discuss today relevance of the topics discussed in the mailing list: the economist and journalist Hannes Grassegger and Alexis Roussel,  one of the first crypto-currencies brokers in Switzerland and past president of the Swiss Pirate Party.

Produced by: Strauhof Zurich

Premiered at: Strauhof Zurich, in the frame of the exhibition Anarchie! Fakten und Fiktionen