A Better Chance to Gain Enough Entropy was presented in the exhibition 16th Quadriennale – Altri tempi, altri miti, a map of visual arts in Italy post-2000, curated by eleven curators and divided into ten exhibition sections. The work is conceived in strict correlation with this context: a group of nine singers hack the space of the whole exhibition and its different sections. The choir aggregate each time in a different formation and perform various compositions for small groups of spectators. They sing texts Vetturi composed, and the writings are based on research Valentina has been carrying on since 2015, between Bruxelles and Geneva, on and with hackers. The singers are members of a classical choir, and they built with Valentina the melody through a process of horizontal guided improvisation lead. In the space also, a led installation with handwritten texts creates an asynchronous dialogue with the performance.

Curated by: Matteo Lucchetti
Promoted by: Quadriennale 16 for the exhibition De Rerum Rurale
Premiered at: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma
Voices: Valeria Di Biase, Claudia Caponera, Alessandra Genovese, Valerio Giannetti, Rosa Marasco, Enrica Nizi, Elisa Rotondi, Marco Slivani, Sara Venditti

Production Assistent: Laura Estrada Prada

Photos: Okno Studio